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BAYBAYIN for Growth in Creativity and Culture Classes-Workshops, Summer 2012

Attended one of Mimi Gavino’s indigenous arts and culture workshop in the past and Mimi would say it’s Baybayin and not alibata. Mimi is a cultural creative and an organic intellectual. One of the pioneers of IP arts and culture, social innovators in the Philippines. The Baybayin project aims to foster awareness on indigenous writings, arts and social discourse. This summer she will hold a Baybayin Creativity and Culture Workshop on April 14, 21 and 28, 2012 (adults) and April 16, 17, 18 for kids. So grab your cellphones and text right away! For inquiries & reservations, contact Ishilta at 09152952826 or

More details here.

We are happy to invite you to the upcoming “BAYBAYIN for Growth in CREATIVITY and CULTURE” Summer Classes-Workshops 2012.

Please share this invitation to friends and people you know who are interested to join and who can benefit from this activities.

Let us help in re-connecting our kapwa Filipinos, especially the young people, to re-connect to our ancient heritage. This “BaybaySendin for Growth in Creativity and Culture” classes – workshops could mirror to the young, men and women alike, the richness of a cultural-spiritual legacy that is indigenously Filipino.

Kita-kita sa April 14, 21 and 28, 2012 (adult) / April16,17,18 (kid’s and teens)

Bathala Nawa!

Official Promo Poster

BAYBAYIN for Growth in Creativity and Culture
Classes-Workshops, Summer 2012

Schedule: April 14, 21 & 28 * 9:00am to 4:00pm
Venue: ISIS International, 3 Marunong st., Quezon City

Baybayin (incorrectly known as alibata) is the ancient system of reading and writing of the Filipinos. History reveals to us that almost all Filipinos could read and write before the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. Like a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, the Baybayin can be considered as our direct connection to our ancestors.

This 3-day workshop (three consecutive Saturdays) is an invitation to affirm one’s creativity and to reconnect with one’s ancestral heritage.

In a life-affirming space, participants learn to write and read Baybayin in a creative way. Through fun, indigenous-inspired, artistic processes, participants are encouraged to create inspiring words utilizing the 17 syllabic Baybayin symbols. In addition, healing images are integrated in an art form that combines the transparency of glass and the vibrancy of colors in Baybayin Glass Painting.

This is both a Creativity and Cultural Re-connecting Class-Workshop. Engaging the mind-heart and hand, we embark on a journey of rediscovering our “self”, our natural creativity; re-connecting to a distinct cultural heritage, and growing in the awareness of our Filipino ancestry.

As we learn about Baybayin, we reclaim a piece of our cultural self – buried and veiled to some extent – inviting us to greater sense of wholeness, as a person and as a people.

We believe everyone is creative. No artistic skills required. Only a readiness to discover and unleash one’s creativity.

Energy exchange (for the 3-day workshop): P2,900
Early Bird Rate until March 30: P2,500
To reserve a slot, only a deposit of P1500 is required. The remaining balance to be paid on April 14, 2012.

Also available this summer:
Baybayin Creativity Workshop for Kids and Teens (Grade School & High School) – Dance and Shake it! Draw and Color it! Play and Sing it!


Minifred Gavino
Ms. Gavino is a facilitator and the originator of the BAYBAYIN Creativity Workshops-Classes that provides a space especially for the young to rediscover and reconnect to the Filipino ancestral heritage. She is an artist-teacher-facilitator of creative workshops, games, eco-sensitive team processes/orienteering, peace and environmental camps. She is the Co-Program Director of GINHAWA, Inc., a non-government organization that integrates creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being, where she co-facilitates rituals, healing and transformational sessions to various groups. She is a performer-facilitator of Sanghabi, Inc.

Leo Emmanuel Castro
Mr. Castro is a cultural worker, freelance researcher and consultant on Philippine culture. He is the Executive Director of Sanghabi, a cultural, non-government organization engaged in promoting Filipino culture through conducting workshops on indigenous rhythm/movement and baybayin. He is also a bamboo musical instrument maker and a nose flute player.

Leah Tolentino
Ms. Tolentino is a facilitator-healer-teacher. Currently, Professor of Creation Spirituality, Asian Social Institute. Had been facilitating renewal, healing and transformational sessions to various groups: students, professionals, NGO’s, church groups, people’s organizations, top tier corporations, for almost two decades. She is the Executive-Director of Ginhawa, Inc. (a non-government organization that integrates creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being).

For inquiries & reservations, contact Ishilta at 09152952826 or


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Animal Talk

Dr. Wang Roubing in his curtorial introduction said that the Animal Talk Art Exhibit was a visual discourse of eight Chinese artists from China and Singapore. The art exhibit offers an experimental ocular platform to discuss in a transformative-reflective style the relationship between arts and animals, between humanity and the rest of creation.

China based artist Zhou Bin in the Meat Worms photography series wedged his naked body into the gaps of ruined buildings and in various natural environments like a worm. Zhou, in making this artworks, conveyed that he wanted to express his discontent towards the rapid changing of Chinese society.

As for Singapore born artist Sai Hua Kan and Chen Jianjun reminds me of existential dualism and the tounge-in-cheek critique of economic and productive relationship in which animals exist with man at the centre of his world. Animals in their artwork questioned the commodification of animals and cruelty of animals by man in the twenty first century.

Singaporean-born sculptor in a series of wood carvings called Guardian Angel illustrates his kampong experience. Xiong Yu’s installations called World Above Clouds animates an imaginary relationship between human civilization and wilderness.

Robert Zhao Renhui’s photography series On Hype Reality offers an unconventional angle in looking at zoos.

Wang Roubing captured in a bird shop is built on monetary value and the ownership of other living creatures. It discloses the conundrum of relationship between human and nature.

The Still Life animation series by He Peng illustrates with moving images of the theory of evolution.

Animal Talk visual arts exhibit encapsulates a conversation, a metaphoric reference that allows the condition of human society to be exposed for scrutiny.

As Zhou Bin stated in the Meat Worms Landscape No. 3 explained that “everyday, our living environment undergoes a constant, dramatic change, continually replacing the old with the new.” And asked “Where does this force of change, invisible, impalpable and yet so powerful, come from? We are all like worms, hiding, struggling and squirming in this frenzied reality.”

The Jendela Art Space experience was truly engaging. The artists did a good job in their portrayal of animal torture and how man neglected, abandoned, and disregarded its non-human neighbors.


Art Works. Art Work

Art Works. Art Work

Banga Art

Banga Art. Potential.

Magnificent Art Works

Sweet. This is liberating.

This is wonderful...

Art Shirts.

Shirt Arts

Toy + Wood = Jeepney



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The First Cebu International Documentary Film Festival is here!


The First Cebu International Documentary Film Festival is here! Make one, or if you have one, sign them up and send them right away!

This is the first in the Philippines and it will give everyone an opportunity to showcase Pinoy ingenuity in the digital age.

The festival will take place on June 13 to June 16, 2012.

Link here for more information and this







Official Poster 8th Sunrise Fest

By Lapu-Lapu Maharlika

THE 8TH SUNRISE FESTIVAL WITH THE THEME: ILOILO BUGAL KO, KULTURA KO, DUNGOG KO was celebrated on November 25-27 in Iloilo City. The festival began with the Butlak Photo Exhibit at Amigo Hotel on Nov. 16, 2011. This was organized by the president of the Association of Iloilo Photographers (AIP) Mr. Ramon “Sukhavdeva” Tenia Jr.

Followed by a Digital Art Exhibit at SM Malls and Fashionably Loud at Robinson Malls, the 8th MAWF festival showcased Indigenous Fashion Wear. In collaboration with the Provincial Tourism,  thousands witness the events. Live music was provided by Maharlikang Bahandi Ethno.

Florence Cinco

Also featured was Aum Duena art workds dubbed as the “Sunshine Girl” of Iloilo. Her works displayed at the front gate of Robinson Malls her paintings attracted people from different walks of life. Aum Duenas was only five year-old when she first exhibited her paintings at the launching of the 1st Sunrise Festival in Cebu City in 2004.

The Opening Ceremony of the Visual Art exhibit in Robinson Malls was participated by artist from all over the Region. It was curated the Pinoy Icon PG “Pranakrsna” Zoluaga.  The Visual Art Exhibit at the 8th Sunrise Festival is the biggest gathering of visual artists in the Western Visayas Region. The art exhibited more than 300 art works to promote MAHARLIKA as the THE NATIVE NAME OF THE PHILIPPINES. Thousands of people visited the Art Exhibit that lasted for seven days.

Terry Flores on the Butlak Art Exhibit

Around 150 delegates and representatives from all over country arrived on Nov. 24, 2011. They came as far as Davao City, Manila City, Caloocan City, Quezon City, Laguna, Pampanga, Bacolod City, Kalibo, Boracay, Cebu City, Calbayog City, Tacloban City, Nueva Ecija, Baguio City, Bicol, Tarlac and Maharlika volunteers stationed from Palawan and other parts of the country. Foreign guests from London, Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, India, America, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand also arrived that day.

Delegates and guests were hosted by the Provincial Government in Iloilo Sports Complex Covered Gym in a full air-conditioned rooms. Honorable Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. thru the Provincial Government sponsored the accommodation and food of the delegates and participants. Vegetarian food were serve through out the three – day festival.
On the first Day of the Festival proper, Nov. 25, 2011, MAWF organizers and delegates assembled in Iloilo Sports Complex Covered Gym with the participation of the West Visayas State University, University of the Philippines in the Visayas and St. Paul University, Central Philippine University (CPU) and other NGOs and groups such as the Federation of Panay Bastoneros, Maharlika Social Service Volunters and Ang KaSaMa Cadres, etc. MAWF started the 2 kms march/parade down to the Capitol (Governor’s Office).

MAWF President Momo Dalisay

It was roughly estimated that thousands have join the parade, mainly students, youths, artists, GOs , NGOs and the Private Sectors. The march spearheaded by MAWF was organized as follows: The mobile patrol and the police motor cycles on the front, the cadets and reserve officers of WVSU as Marshalls followed by a huge streamers : MAHARLIKA THE NATIVE NAME OF THE PHILLIPINES, then the AKSM (Ang KaSaMa) Flags and Cadres , foreign delegates, the Hari Krsna delegates, then the Federation of Panay Bastoneros, Battalion of ROTC (Reserve Officers) from WVSU, followed by other schools mainly elementary, high schools, Colleges and Universities, NGos. Etc.

At the Opening Ceremony, the MAWF President Momo Dalisay welcomed the local, national and international guests and delegates. An Aeta (Aborigine) from the island of Guimaras conducted the NationaL Anthem and Invocation followed by the performances of Panay Bukidnon Tribe. City Mayor Ted Mabilog delivered an inspiring speech.

Maestro Heber Bartolome sing his masterpiece “Tayo’y Maharlikans” and Joyshna and Kavita sing the song “I Love “This Tiny Green Island.” There were courageous and cultural performances from the Batoneros (Arnis) Federation of Panay headed by Art “Ananta” Guanes.

Massive Wall Size Paintings

Photojournalist and Executive Director of the 8th Sunrise Festival Guijo “Gagandeva” Duenas discussed the 8th Sunrise Festival program.

The Governor formally opened the 8th Sunrise Festival and finally Dada Sumitananda, a monk from Ananda Marga concluded the Opening Ceremony with a spiritual flavor reminding the role of the artists in the society by pointing out that “Art is for Service and Blessedness.”

Museo IloIlo

Throughout the three-day festivity there were simultaneous interactive workshops on film making by Kidlat Tahimik at Central Philippine University, Allan Cabalfin film making workshop and lecture at the West Visayan State University, Lecture on Kapwa Psychology by Katrin de Guia at Iloilo Sports Complex Covered Gym, MAWF power point presentation in the University of the Philippines by Mawf National Coordinator, Wrtings and Poetry by Rex Hidalgo and Atty. Malini and Waray Arts and Literature by Dr. Victor Sugbo and Professor Dulce Cuna at the Session Hall of the office of the Vice Governor .

8th MAWF Press Conference

One of the main highlights of the festival was the chalk mural painting along the 2.5 kilometers Trenas Boulevard. Around 1000 children participated from 20 schools in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd). A total of 120 volunteers supported this event from the University of the Philiippines in the Visayas, West Visayas University and St. Paul University.

The Cultural nights was highlighted by Banyuhay ni Heber and the Philippine Cultural Workers Society (PCWS)headed by Ms. Fely Reviera. The night events was participated by the Philippine National Police Band from Iloilo, Viplava from Manila with band leader Jess Gayatao, Anak Kalinaw of Davao City headed by Cecille Villarente, Artists from Boracay and Kalibo, the newly organized Waray Tupong Samaj, Worshopper ni Heber, Usbong Band with Mel ‘Maheshvar” Araneta and the Maligno group from Bacolod, the Hari Krsna or ISKCON cultural group coming from Manila, the Aetas from Guimaras , the Panay Bukidnon Tribes, the local bands and musicians of Iloilo City and Maestro Ysagani “Yatu” Ybarra.

THE HONOUR OF MAHARLIKA AWARD trophy (crafted and donated by Florence Cinco) was awarded to the Sunrise Child of the Year, Posthumous Award to artist Donde Ledesma, Mayor Sebastian Serag for Ilonggo Literature, Posthumous Timoteo Jumayao for Sculpture and to Guijo Duenas as “Executive Director thru the Years”.

On the final day, Nov 27th morning, artists and spiritualists welcomed the Rising of the Sun from the Eastern Horizon with the chanting of BABANAM KEVALAM and gracefully ended up with meditation.


MAWF is equally grateful to the Philippine National Police (PNP), to the Honorable Governor and Vice Governor Richard Garin for donating 200 fruit bearing seedlings and P20,000 to TAGA ATON SAMAJ Farm in Sta. New Lucena, Iloilo.

More Art Works

A heartfelt gratitude to sister Liilavati for allowing us to utilize her truck and vehicle for the event’s mobilization. MAWF is thankful to the EMCEEs from GMA TV NET, to Terry Flores, and Momo Dalisay.

To Freddie Doce, Momo Dalisat and Carlos Bayani for jointly organizing at least 60 local bands.

A heartfelt gratitude to Bro. Abhijiit Monilla and to our kitchen staffs from Sta. Barabara and San Joaquin, Lawigan for taking care of the kitchen (food) which is one of the main ingredients of this success!

MAWF EXTEND ITS SINCERE AKNOWLEDGEMENT ON THE UNWAVERING EFFORTS OF OUR Secretariat: Bros Ragendra (Province of Antique) and Charanjiit (Dumaguete City).

TO THE MSSV VOLUNTEERS FROM LUZON: Nityam, Gopesh, Krsnadeva, Harideva, Purusa, Ganesh, Amrita and Muktishvar.

MAWF Interview

To MAWF Official Documentation Committee Head, Haresh Tanodra and to Proutist Univesal (Manila)representative Ismael “Ishvar” Delarosa and to Jun Del Cano Jr (Jagapal) in facilitating and mobilizing the volunteers from Luzon to the 8th Sunfest in Iloilo City.

MAWf highly acknowledge the presence of Ananda Marga Acharyas: Dada Sumitananda, Dada Dharmavedananda, Dada Atmacetananda, Dada Devapriyananda, Dada Ratnendrananda, Dada Lokamitrananda, Didi Anandashubra, Dada Chandrakantha Brc Dada Pratul Brc. and to the Moral support of Dada Anishananda and Dada Sarvabodhananda.

To The Margis from Iloilo, Cebu and Davao for their inspiration and encouragement: Maetriya. Subinaya, Jai, Jayendra, Chandra, Jaykrsna, Citprakash, Mahesh, Nirguna, Shivanath, Caetanya, Karun, Jyotirmaya, Sukhadeva, Pranav, Rasaraj, Arjun, Visnudeva, Ishvar, Malini, Jivaprema, Krpadevi, Devanath, Indrani, Savitri, Mira, Anuraga, Dipali, Radhika, Liilavati and Shivani .

Art Exhibit

Most of All to the dedication of the Organizing Committee headed by the Executive Director of the 8th Sunrise Festival Guijo Duenas, Momo Dalisay Terry Flores, Freedie Doce, Reniel Sarmiento, Rex Hidalgo, Ipel Duenas and Deo Palma.

Finally, Ang KaSaMa President Lt. Col. Ipel Duenas and MAWF Cadres welcomed the Global Rep. of Proutist Universal from Copenhagen Mr. Troed Overland of Sweden for conducting interviews on the effort of propagating the applied side of PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory propounded by P.R. Sarkar in 1959) with the Samaj Leaders (Proutist in Action) in MAHARLIKA.

Lt. Col Ipel Duenas

Momo Dalisay

Rex Hidalgo

Edwin Monilla

Prem Doce

Terry Flores

Florence Cinco

Sonny Bugnosen

Rogel Marzan

Joel Belinan

Indrani Ruiz

Rolando Serilo


*Reposted with the permission of Lapu-Lapu Maharlika.


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