03 May

Ilocos Futures

Edge Y Ilocano

The edge y Ilocano has arrived and they will, literally and virtually, create or perhaps disrupt the next 40 to 60 years of Ilocos history, society, arts, futures and culture. I am pretty sure they won’t write their history like what their predecessors did,  the baby and mid-life boomers that relied on typewriters, politics and law, government, liberalism, superstars, dictators, ideologies, the cold war, crude oil, traditional media, unrestrained economic growth and capital markets. The generation that was hook into Roman and Renaissance myths and “Coke is it” metaphors, their “boomer” heroics, I think, are about to end.

Of course, we cannot deny the details of the so-called “Aquarian prosperities” that happened in the 1970s which was a cool thing, the heydays, however, were short-lived. Tragically, I say, the legacy of the previous generation concludes with the worst global economic bankruptcy, social inequity, unemployment and environmental damage…

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