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ASEAN Art Exhibition 2012

The ASEAN Art Exhibition that was held at the Southern Thai Art Gallery in Thailand featured the works of prominent mixed media artists and sculptors in Asia. Art exhibits include the works of “metal and bolt” Visayan-Maharlikan based visual artist Mr. Florence Cinco (Philippines).

Florence, as the name implies brilliance or elegance, is a, if I may, a multi-valued and multi-awarded visual artist. Known in the Philippines as a “full time missionary artist”, Florence have won a number of prestigious national and international art awards. Florence won the Grand Prize of the 58th Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) Annual National Art Competition, Mixed Media Category in 2005 and the Grand Prize of Metro Bank Art and Design Excellence National Competition, Sculpture Category in 2004. His unwavering determination and amazing perseverance earned him the Juror’s Choice,at the GSIS National Painting Competition, Abstract Category in 2009; the Jury Award at the Embassy of India, Laos PDR in 2006; the Honorable Mention at the 58th AAP Annual National Art Competition, Sculpture Category in 2005 and Juror’s Choice Open Fine Print National Competition in 2004. A seasoned artist, Florence have had 10 solo exhibits and 39 group shows in country like Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and Laos.

A transcendent inspired artist, Mr. Cinco uses intuition, mythology, culture-based self-concepts, microvita science and spirituality to create art. For more please check ArtSlant page global artists – florence cinco – at or florence personal site at

A couple of photos captured by Florence and friends at the ASEAN Art Exhibit 2012.

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Inside the Artists Studio

Pigments for sale on market stall, Goa, India.

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Visual arts is one of the most majestic, ancient art form known to man. Paints are not just paints. Pigments are not merely pigments. Symbolic as they are, painting, in particular,  is not just a thing of the mind nor the shadow of the world of ideas. It is the essence of being and living. It can be applied and of course it is transformative. It can change our views about ‘things’ and ‘non-things’ and it can open hidden possibilities beyond the litany of contemporary social life. It is deep, it the soul reinterpreting the real and the unreal. It is myth and magic at work.

Images are powerful especially the most powerful images. The act, the drama, the process, the burst of creativity, the result of the act, the story, the meaning is far more essential than the art work itself.

Here are some videos of visual artists, I collected over the net, working in the studio. My intention is to inform the public of the process in the creation and production of art works.  I tried to navigate and locate a couple clips of artists at work to provoke the viewers to react and provide some sort of impressionistic assessment on artistic style, worldviews, cultural context, episteme, similarities and differences, if any, among others.

Try to observe, listen and contemplate while watching the videos.  Have fun and Be free! Listen to the background as the painter paints her meaning of life.

Painting with a brush by AmyShackleton.

Buff Diss Masking Tape Art

Sand Art by Ilana Yahav.

Filomina Pawar at Work.

Tall Painting by Holton Rower

Water Painting

3D Street Art by Edgar Muller

Tall Tree with leaves blowing in the Wind installation by Dali Wall Decals

Celestial Wind by Dan Lafferty

Trees by Camila Silva

















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