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Mga Kwentong Styro: Juan Tulas 2nd Styro Art Exhibit

Art at its most significant is a distant early warning system that can always be relied on
to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen.
Marshall McHulan

Juan’s operative habit to create art is rare and his artworks may be likened to Thomas Aquinas “arts of right reason.” The saint if he had the chance to see Juan’s artworks would certainly comment ( I am pretty sure of this) and write “not for the will with which a craftman does a work, but for the quality of the work I say commendable.”

Of course, Aquinas had not live in a time where styros packaged his lunch, the aesthetics of Juan’s artworks would suit his taste of creative fine art.  Juan is one of the few “artists” in the Philippines which experiments by combining wit, fantasy, activism and nature. Elani writes “as styrofoam would take a million of years to recycle itself, it could take only a few seconds to dilute it into art.” Using the past, the present and the future as hiscanvass, Juan gave us his “kwentong styro”.

So, let us all dilute this residual wastes and turn them into beautiful artworks. Recycling millions of styrofoams would mean producing millions of colorful artworks!

For more visit Juan’s styro-artworks exhibit at the Samtoy Bookstore, La Tabacalera Lifestyle Center, Laoag City.

hanging amihan

Roots 1

Roots 2


Tree Chanters

Green Bomb


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Art Experience Bangkok 2012

Juan Elani Tulas, one of my former econ stud, a fast emerging local artist, joins the Bangkok Art Experience 2012. The group will showcase Pinoy creativity in Thailand. The leg will  begin on June 9, 2012 at the Philippine Embassy Grounds in Bangkok and culminates on the 16th of June at the Art Safari in Bangkok Museum and Galleries. An Arao Salamat advocacy, the event aims to raise funds for the benefit of 24/7 kids community in Quezon City.  Congratulations to all participating artists!


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BAYBAYIN for Growth in Creativity and Culture Classes-Workshops, Summer 2012

Attended one of Mimi Gavino’s indigenous arts and culture workshop in the past and Mimi would say it’s Baybayin and not alibata. Mimi is a cultural creative and an organic intellectual. One of the pioneers of IP arts and culture, social innovators in the Philippines. The Baybayin project aims to foster awareness on indigenous writings, arts and social discourse. This summer she will hold a Baybayin Creativity and Culture Workshop on April 14, 21 and 28, 2012 (adults) and April 16, 17, 18 for kids. So grab your cellphones and text right away! For inquiries & reservations, contact Ishilta at 09152952826 or

More details here.

We are happy to invite you to the upcoming “BAYBAYIN for Growth in CREATIVITY and CULTURE” Summer Classes-Workshops 2012.

Please share this invitation to friends and people you know who are interested to join and who can benefit from this activities.

Let us help in re-connecting our kapwa Filipinos, especially the young people, to re-connect to our ancient heritage. This “BaybaySendin for Growth in Creativity and Culture” classes – workshops could mirror to the young, men and women alike, the richness of a cultural-spiritual legacy that is indigenously Filipino.

Kita-kita sa April 14, 21 and 28, 2012 (adult) / April16,17,18 (kid’s and teens)

Bathala Nawa!

Official Promo Poster

BAYBAYIN for Growth in Creativity and Culture
Classes-Workshops, Summer 2012

Schedule: April 14, 21 & 28 * 9:00am to 4:00pm
Venue: ISIS International, 3 Marunong st., Quezon City

Baybayin (incorrectly known as alibata) is the ancient system of reading and writing of the Filipinos. History reveals to us that almost all Filipinos could read and write before the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. Like a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, the Baybayin can be considered as our direct connection to our ancestors.

This 3-day workshop (three consecutive Saturdays) is an invitation to affirm one’s creativity and to reconnect with one’s ancestral heritage.

In a life-affirming space, participants learn to write and read Baybayin in a creative way. Through fun, indigenous-inspired, artistic processes, participants are encouraged to create inspiring words utilizing the 17 syllabic Baybayin symbols. In addition, healing images are integrated in an art form that combines the transparency of glass and the vibrancy of colors in Baybayin Glass Painting.

This is both a Creativity and Cultural Re-connecting Class-Workshop. Engaging the mind-heart and hand, we embark on a journey of rediscovering our “self”, our natural creativity; re-connecting to a distinct cultural heritage, and growing in the awareness of our Filipino ancestry.

As we learn about Baybayin, we reclaim a piece of our cultural self – buried and veiled to some extent – inviting us to greater sense of wholeness, as a person and as a people.

We believe everyone is creative. No artistic skills required. Only a readiness to discover and unleash one’s creativity.

Energy exchange (for the 3-day workshop): P2,900
Early Bird Rate until March 30: P2,500
To reserve a slot, only a deposit of P1500 is required. The remaining balance to be paid on April 14, 2012.

Also available this summer:
Baybayin Creativity Workshop for Kids and Teens (Grade School & High School) – Dance and Shake it! Draw and Color it! Play and Sing it!


Minifred Gavino
Ms. Gavino is a facilitator and the originator of the BAYBAYIN Creativity Workshops-Classes that provides a space especially for the young to rediscover and reconnect to the Filipino ancestral heritage. She is an artist-teacher-facilitator of creative workshops, games, eco-sensitive team processes/orienteering, peace and environmental camps. She is the Co-Program Director of GINHAWA, Inc., a non-government organization that integrates creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being, where she co-facilitates rituals, healing and transformational sessions to various groups. She is a performer-facilitator of Sanghabi, Inc.

Leo Emmanuel Castro
Mr. Castro is a cultural worker, freelance researcher and consultant on Philippine culture. He is the Executive Director of Sanghabi, a cultural, non-government organization engaged in promoting Filipino culture through conducting workshops on indigenous rhythm/movement and baybayin. He is also a bamboo musical instrument maker and a nose flute player.

Leah Tolentino
Ms. Tolentino is a facilitator-healer-teacher. Currently, Professor of Creation Spirituality, Asian Social Institute. Had been facilitating renewal, healing and transformational sessions to various groups: students, professionals, NGO’s, church groups, people’s organizations, top tier corporations, for almost two decades. She is the Executive-Director of Ginhawa, Inc. (a non-government organization that integrates creativity and spirituality at the service of well-being).

For inquiries & reservations, contact Ishilta at 09152952826 or


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