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Mga Kwentong Styro: Juan Tulas 2nd Styro Art Exhibit

Art at its most significant is a distant early warning system that can always be relied on
to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen.
Marshall McHulan

Juan’s operative habit to create art is rare and his artworks may be likened to Thomas Aquinas “arts of right reason.” The saint if he had the chance to see Juan’s artworks would certainly comment ( I am pretty sure of this) and write “not for the will with which a craftman does a work, but for the quality of the work I say commendable.”

Of course, Aquinas had not live in a time where styros packaged his lunch, the aesthetics of Juan’s artworks would suit his taste of creative fine art.  Juan is one of the few “artists” in the Philippines which experiments by combining wit, fantasy, activism and nature. Elani writes “as styrofoam would take a million of years to recycle itself, it could take only a few seconds to dilute it into art.” Using the past, the present and the future as hiscanvass, Juan gave us his “kwentong styro”.

So, let us all dilute this residual wastes and turn them into beautiful artworks. Recycling millions of styrofoams would mean producing millions of colorful artworks!

For more visit Juan’s styro-artworks exhibit at the Samtoy Bookstore, La Tabacalera Lifestyle Center, Laoag City.

hanging amihan

Roots 1

Roots 2


Tree Chanters

Green Bomb


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Bangkok Art Experience at the Phil. Embassy in Thailand

The Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand in partnership with MASA (Malalayang Alagad ng Sining at Adhikain) held the “SINING PINOY Sariling atin, Pagyamanin natin”, a Filipino artists visual art exhibition  last June 10 to 14,  2012. The art event coincided with the Filipino Community Barrio Fiesta celebration of the 114th Philippine Independence day at the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok Thailand.

 The exhibit featured excellent paintings of oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink from  Arao Salamat,  Joel Vedad, Juan Elani Tulas, , Manorainjan Luna,   Raquel Mogado, Ibunsod Querijero, Dr. Sainuddin Moti, Sherwin Paul and Vincent Christopher Gonzales, Antonio Pelobello Jr.,  Ma. Theresa Karla Bugayong, Melanie Lou Del Villar.

The Philippine Embassy website in Bangkok reported that the exhibit also included exposition of the Maranao inspired Darangen dolls of Dr. Sainuddin Moti of Marawi City which first appeared in the Prague Quadrennial 2011 celebration in Czech Republic. Other activities  of the art project were the joint “En pleine art” session with Thai artists at Suan Luang Rama IX park and Art safari in museums and art galleries around Bangkok  The exhibit aimed to promote the Philippine art and culture, appreciate Thailand art and culture, and to develope camaraderie between Filipino and Thai artists by the means of collaboration and interaction (Source:

ARAO SALAMAT, a 30 year old Filipino visual artist/art educator/Philippine art and culture advocate is the founder of MASA and the organizer of the said art project. Congratulations to all the exhibitors, the Philippine Embassy in Thailand, partners and enthusiasts.

Photos credits to Manoranjain Luna and Juan Tulas.

Manoranjain Luna

Juan Tulas and his styro-art works

Arao Salamat and the MASA group at the Phil. Embassy in Thailand

Mano Luna

Juan Tulas Art

Philippine Embassy in Bangkok Thailand


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